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Crime and Justice

If you cannot pay for a lawyer

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When a young person 12 or older becomes involved in the youth criminal justice system, his or her parent must be told about it. If you are under 12 years old and do something that would be considered a crime if you were older, the police will contact your parents.

Young people have the right to have their parent or another trusted adult with them during the legal process. The police must tell you about this right and allow you to call someone.

All young persons have the right to a lawyer if they are involved in the criminal justice system.

You have the right to a lawyer if:

  • You are being questioned;
  • You have been arrested but not charged;
  • Your case might be dealt with outside of court;
  • You have been charged with a crime.

Your lawyer works for you, not for your parent. Your lawyer cannot tell your parent any information about your case unless you give permission. Your lawyer's role is to advise you and take instructions from you, not from your parent.

Anytime you do not understand or agree with what is happening, you should speak with a lawyer.

If You Cannot Pay for a Lawyer

You have the right to a lawyer even if you or your parent cannot pay for one. If you cannot afford a private lawyer, Legal Aid will be available to you. Legal Aid provides representation to Islanders who qualify.

For a one-time consultation with a lawyer for a low fee, you can call the Lawyer Referral Service: 902-892-0853 or 1-800-240-9798.