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Am I old enough?

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs

Am I old enough?

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There are programs to help young people stop using substances or recover from addiction. If you need help to stop using tobacco, drugs or alcohol, check out these websites:

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The legal drinking age is 19. If you are under 19, a parent or spouse can give you an alcoholic drink, like a glass of wine with Christmas dinner. If you are under 19, you cannot be sold, served, buy, drink or possess alcohol. You can go into a liquor store if you are with your parent or guardian, but you cannot buy anything.

You cannot go into a bar or lounge unless:

  • You are with a parent or legal guardian;
  • It is for a meal or family oriented sit down entertainment;
  • It is before 10 p.m;
  • And the establishment has gotten permission for people under the age of 19 to attend.

Using a fake ID to get alcohol is illegal and may result in consequences such as losing your driver's license.


The legal age to buy tobacco is 19.

If you are under 19, no one can legally sell or give you tobacco.

You are breaking the law if you use fake ID to buy tobacco.

Other Drugs

Use of illegal drugs does not become legal at any age. Illegal drugs also include prescription drugs not prescribed to you by a doctor.

If you are 12 or older, and are caught by the police in possession of illegal drugs, you may face criminal consequences.

Alcohol, Other Drugs and Driving

Driving while impaired or with alcohol in your blood is a criminal offence. If you are under 19, having any amount of alcohol in your blood is an offence. Having other drugs in your system that impair your ability to drive is also a criminal offence. You may be charged, fined, lose your license for a period of time and have a criminal record.