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I'm being treated badly - Child Protection

Child Protection is a section of the provincial government and works under a law called The Child Protection Act. This law protects everyone under the age of 18 from abuse and neglect. It also protects children and teenagers who are at risk of abuse or neglect. The PEI Child Protection Act defines child abuse as 'when parents, or someone acting as a parent, physically, mentally, emotionally, or sexually harms a child.' Abuse by other adults or older teens is covered by Canada's Criminal Code.

The law says that people must tell Child Protection if they think someone might be harming or neglecting a person under 18 years old.

Child abuse happens when parents or someone acting as a parent physically, mentally, emotionally or sexually harms a child. It is considered abuse if a child witnesses family violence within his or her family.

Child neglect happens when parents or someone acting as a parent does not meet the basic needs of their children. This includes housing, clothing, health care, affection, education, and supervision. It is also neglect if a parent abandons a child.